KowCompany | Services
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Kow Company Limited transports cargoes on a daily basis to the various Accra ports of entries, such as Kotoka International Airport, Tema and Takoradi Ports where Kow Company Limited have their own offices.


Kow Company Limited mainly deal with our overseas network agents on imports of airfreight, but also with other agents depending on the client’s requirements. Kow Company Limited have a weekly airfreight consolidation from UK to Accra and a monthly seafreight consolidation from UK to Ghana.

Kow Company Limited offers road haulage of cargo from all Ghanaian Ports of Entry and all towns and we also handled special equipment such Excavators to Ghana, Kanu Equipments a road construction company.

We have dealt with several airfreight, road freight and sea freight import shipments with our worldwide forwarding agents who collect all documents from the supplier, submit to their customs authority for clearance, prepare the road manifest , where applicable and pass all documents to us in preparation to receive the cargo in Ghana.


Kow Company Limited supplies oil products worldwide in accordance with ISO 8217, using only the best product sources, considering price, quality, environment and general performance.

Our fuel is sourced from oil majors and each of Kow Company Limited’s vessels which are supplying our customers are fully equipped with calibrated flowmeters to ensure your requested quantity is delivered.

By partnering with the industry majors, our physical supply is complemented by closely monitored refining, terminal storage and distribution of the highest quality standards.

Ownership of Sourcing, Shipping, And Supply

Being a diversified global trading group allows Kow Company Limited to offer our customers an end-to-end experience. We feel ownership of our products and know how it has been sourced, shipped and supplied in compliance with regulations.


Managing Imports

Kow Company Limited customs clearing department prides itself on the practical hands-on management of all our customers’ customs clearing requirements. The Company is a member of the Ghana Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association.

Kow Company Limited has an import Sea freight department that handles all import shipments. The staff are dedicated to liaising with Suppliers and clients to ensure shipments are booked on the next available vessel and with our logistics agent port clearance are further transportation is arranged by truck.

Our office at Kotoka International Airport handles all airfreight imports and with our network of agents worldwide, all pre-alerts are sent for airfreight shipments prior to dispatch and entries can then be framed prior to arrival in Accra. Our airport office will collect documents from the handling agents and process customs clearance immediately.

We manage our imports by maintaining a schedule that are updated daily on the position of the cargo, expected time of arrival at the port, when the documentation is required at the port, expected delivery time at final destination. Our clients are sent a pre-alert to advise them of these details.

Managing Export

Kow Company Limited has an Export Sea freight department.

Our airfreight department can offer freight from Accra to your destination airport and clearance and delivery to final destination if required. Our worldwide agents offer delivery.

Our exports department offers customs clearance. Once confirmation that the cargo is ready for export all necessary documentation will be submitted to customs for export clearance. Once all documents are release from customs the cargo will be dispatched and a full tracking update of all details of this shipment will be sent to the client. Daily tracking of the shipment will be sent until delivery to final destination.

A schedule will be maintained to ensure the client is aware of the position of their cargo and when the cargo can be expected at final destination. Documentation such as Bills of Lading and airway bills will be released once the vessel sails and for airfreight, when the cargo is dispatched.


We offer offshore marine services with a range of Supply Vessels, AHT, Crew and high-speed Patrol boats within the West-African region.

Kow Company Limited offer our partners in the oil and gas industry with a range of comprehensive support solutions for investigation, development, production in offshore deepwater environments.


We offer enhanced capabilities in heavy civil works and site preparation including self-performing electrical contractors and complex foundations with collective competencies of engineers and craft employees.


Markets we serve include:

Bridges, Roads & Maintenance/Rehabilitation

  • Interstates/freeways
  • Arterial highways/streets
  • Interchanges
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Intelligent transportation systems


  • Water & sewage treatment plants
  • Hydroelectric
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation and drainage facilities
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Dams and Reservoirs


  • Energy minerals
  • Precious and base metals
  • Industrial metals
  • Oil sands