About Us

Kow Company Limited known as KCL, has flourished and grown by focusing on its core competencies in logistics coupled with significant investment in IT solutions. Since the formation of its transport division, KCL has consistently provided a highly qualified team of high-end technology and business consultants focused on bringing demonstrable value to our clients. KCL’S expansion drive in Africa involves us getting into new market sectors across the sub-region in projects such as oil and gas exploration and off-shore services, import and export of consumer products, investment consultancy and portfolio management, e-commerce and It infrastructure management and banking and finance management. Trust, built from focusing on our customers’ needs make KCL an integral part of our customer’s day-to-day business and their future growth plans. After all, your business is our business!


Our vision is to be a Global leader in the transportation industry. We are aware that we will need to make long strides and have gone through remarkable effort and transformation to fulfill our vision. As the key to achieving our vision, we will continue to steadfastly adhere to our core business philosophy of honesty, service with a smile, efficiency, flexibility, technological innovation, and internal harmony and cooperation. We hope you will continue to share in our success with us.


Our mission is to develop long lasting relationships with our clientele that only brings success stories. We strongly believe that we can only achieve this by us offering quality service and exclusive customer care at all times. We are proud to say all our relationships have led to mutually beneficial bonding with our customers and clients, leading all stake holders to success.


We conduct our business openly, honestly and fairly and are transparent in our decision-making.

We actively promote participation in decision-making and encourage empowerment through the sharing of responsibility.

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business and cannot be compromised.

We lead by example with our positive, motivated approach and can always be relied on to deliver professional solution.


The company’s core values, which guide and govern our daily interaction with clients and amongst staff and other stakeholders, are:

  •  Honesty
  •  Objectivity
  • Good Corporate Citizenship
  • Dignity
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency